Christmas countdown!!

Well this is a first – I am writing a blog less than a month after I published the last one! This is mainly due to the lack of work I have which means 10 hours day to fill with Facebook stalking, writing and reading all the news articles the BBC has to offer.


Who’d have guessed it is November?

The countdown to Christmas has finally started! An interesting comparison between here and England is the lack of Christmassy things in shops until after Halloween, even in the big department stores. Whilst in England the Christmas countdown can start as early as August, Spaniards don’t really acknowledge it until 1st November. Whilst I absolutely love being in Spain (particularly whilst it is 20 degrees in November – well, until this morning that is), I cannot wait to go home for Christmas as the Spaniards don´t celebrate until 6th January. I do miss England, and I know that spending a whole 5 days at home will be lovely after 6 months away.

So despite being here to practice my Spanish, I now have to speak a lot more French than I ever thought I would. As our French-speaking colleague left last month, all the French calls get passed to me. Surprisingly it has come back to me fairly quickly but every time I have to speak in French, I get that pre-speaking exam feeling of dread in my stomach! It’s fair to say that Google Translate has become my best friend when dealing with French clients. With the Italian clients it is not so easy – on several occasions I have attempted to speak to them in a mix of Spanish, English and the few Italian words I can remember, before giving up and just sending them a Google Translated email instead! So it would turn out that the Spanish side of my year abroad is very beneficial for the other languages I used to speak! I just need some more Portuguese clients to shock me into preparing for my semester in Portugal!


Girly night with my Belgian flatmate!

On the topic of Portugal, I have now received official confirmation of my place at the University of Porto for next semester which is super exciting! Honestly though, I’ve got so used to not being a proper student with working 9-7 each day, that I’m not sure how quickly I’ll get used to having a lack of things to do! Even though I know my language skills will be very sketchy, I cannot wait to explore the beautiful city of Porto!

I now have a huge amount of respect for people who work full time – being out of the house for nearly 12 hours a day, 5 days a week really does take its toll! I completely get why people become boring once they leave uni because working can be so tiring! I think next year I will definitely try to make the most of my time as a student because I’ve seen how quickly life can change when you have a proper job. If I’ve learnt one thing from my job in Spain, it is that I NEVER want to work in tourism again… however that only narrows down my career choices by one sector so it hasn’t really helped me all that much in deciding what I want to do!

Anyway, that’s enough of my musings for now as I should probably get back to doing nothing at work.

¡Hasta la próxima!


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