Is it November? It still feels like summer!

November and still 26 degrees!

November and still 26 degrees!

Time really needs to slow down! I am into the fifth month of my year abroad and even though we have reached November already, it definitely does not feel like it! This week in Spain we are still reaching temperatures of 25-26°C which is much better than what I’m used to in England. In the past month I have really settled into life in Valencia and it feels so much like home – it will be so hard to leave in January. I’ve explored new areas, made fabulous friends and I turned 21. So here is a little recap of what I’ve done…


Little Venice

Earlier this month I went on a day trip with my flatmates to two small towns near Valencia. The first one we went to was Sagunto which is famous for its beautiful architecture and historic castle. To boost tourism, an amphitheatre has been installed into the ruins and here there are a huge variety of shows for both the tourists and the locals. The only problem with Sagunto was the hills… I have not had to climb any hills since being in Spain because where I am is extremely flat and so, having to climb what felt like a mountain to see this castle was challenging but so rewarding at the end. However, I definitely need to prepare for the hills for when I return home!

After Sagunto we went to a place known as Little Venice which is exactly how it sounds. The centre of the town is built around a water network and all of the houses are painted in gorgeous pastel colours giving the town a truly picturesque look. Although my job is very rewarding, I do wish I had more free time to explore places like these because Spain has some beautiful scenery that I’d love to see.

12122604_10205145500452479_4856017939092691256_nBy far the best part of October was my family visiting me for my birthday! It had been four months since I had seen them and whilst I did miss them during the summer, I did not realise just how much I had missed them until they were here. I did not expect any presents as they were already paying to come out here but I got some very special presents, including a signed John McGuinness autobiography – for anyone who knows me, the motorsport geek inside definitely came out! I had a wonderful day with them as we went to the Bioparc zoo in Valencia which is one of the best zoos in the world as many of the animals are allowed to wander around freely so that the visitors can get up close and personal with them. I would fully recommend this to anyone visiting Valencia.12191958_787574061372388_8360928558188342149_n

This past week has been extremely exciting for me as we have the final round of MotoGP in Cheste, Valencia this weekend and so over the past 7 days there have been more and more motorbikes around the city. At work we have been fully booked as so many people have come to see the final round – so as I was in charge of arrivals, it was perfect for me! For those of you who don’t know about MotoGP, this final round decides whether Valentino Rossi or Jorge Lorenzo wins the 2015 championship. Being a very strong Rossi fan is fantastic as no matter where the races are in the world, there are always thousands of his fans present, even here in Lorenzo’s homeland. I have definitely bonded with a lot of people about this! The city just feels so alive with so many people here all for one thing – MotoGP – so I really do feel like I’m in the right place!

Anyway, as the race is just about to start I am going to stop with my ramblings and let you all get on with your day!

Hasta luego!


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  1. Not a gypsy... · November 8, 2015

    Glad you had a good birthday! 🙂


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